Mentoships,  articles and interviews

Throughout my career I've always shared what I've learned with the community. Browse articles, talks and interviews I've participated in to get to know me a little better. 

Mentor at Springboard

I help asparing UX Designers to improve their UX skills. My main goal is to align career paths with the mentee's personalities.

Mentor at IDF Rookie-Up

I instruct UX Designers to improve their UX skills. My main goal is help them stand out in the job hunt!

NN/group - How COVID19 changed our users

In this article I talk about the challenges that me and my team faced during the pandemic. The focus of the article is the research that we had to do in order to understand what content we need to create for our users. I also talk about how we adapted our voice and tone, based on the current situation.

¿Cómo probar contenido?

In this article I explore the different methods available to test content in a digital enviorment. I also theorize about the implications that content consumption has on consumers mind through a behavioral economic's aproach. DISCLAIMER: It's in spanish

UX Cool - The skills of a UX Lead

In this podcast I talk about my experience as a UX Leader. What do you need to succeed? How should you structure your journey? DISCLAIMER: It's in spanish

UX Team Rebranding

I designed the methodology for a in-house challange where each member of UX team was able to present its proposal. Check it out!

UXBS Podcast

In this podcast I talk about how the travel industry is adapting to "the new normality" and how we can add value through research and design. 

Manageing User Experience Strategy

I attended the NN group online conference and took with me excellent tools for creating business, process, design and organizational strategies.

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